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Freelance Photographer, Cinematographer and Content Creator based in Toronto, Canada

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Aneta Matasova, Model

Benny Tan

I had the pleasure ofcollaborating with Benny on a photo shoot. And I really enjoyed that day. He came at the meeting place with great mood which he kept for the whole day. He was really patient and he was giving me a great directions during the photo shoot to help me with posing. Also he had lots of ideas and punctual and precise idea how should the whole concept look like. I would recommend Benny to anyone because he is the real professional and I think that he loves what he is doing and it reflects his work. And at the conclusion of it all I received amazing photos which made my day. I really appreciate this experience.

David Thring Director of Photography, White Warrior (Short Film)

Benny Tan

I had the pleasure of working with Benny as my A-Camera 2nd Assistant Camera on a short film project.
We had 4 very large days with very little prep time due to budget constraints, shooting on Alexa XTs with Kowa Anamorphic Glass. 
With a very steep learning curve for such a young AC Benny stepped up to the mark with his strong technical knowledge and fastidiousness, a hard worker and a very quick learner, he was a true asset to the production. I’d gladly recommend him to anyone.

Phillip Stokes, Executive Producer

Benny Tan

I had the opportunity to work with Benny Tan on Full Sail University's Annual Talent Show. As the Lead Photographer / Promotional Director of Photography he brought all of our ideas to life. Not only did he operate with state of the art equipment, he worked very closely with the creative director to capture passionate moments throughout the production process that the talent will forever remember.

Christian Colina

Benny Tan

I have known Benny for two years through Full Sail University. He is an excellent person to work with and easy to get along with. Whenever there is a situation he finds the quickest and most reliable way to solve it. He has a great work ethic on the projects that he did at school and other events. I would recommend Benny for any future projects and I am sure he will do an outstanding performance. 

Elah-Ruth Abisaab, Club President

Benny Tan

To the best of my knowledge and belief, Benny would be a great asset to any, venture and/or production company. Having worked closely with Benny, I confidently recommend him to establishments, and would be glad to work with him on any further projects or events.

Shao Wei Goh, Assistant Technical Producer

Benny Tan

I had the pleasure of interacting with Benny over my final two semesters at Full Sail University. He engaged his exceptionally high work ethic over the projects he took on in and out of school. His outstanding inner drive enabled him to take on various leadership roles without buckling under pressure.

Keith Lyons, instructor

Benny Tan

 Benny’s aptitudes allow him to excel in multiple proficiencies related to media production. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is well organized and is willing to do whatever is required to get a particular project finished.

Robert Mang

Benny Tan

I am thrilled I was able to secure Benny's services as a second photographer for a Disney World wedding in February 2013. Benny was easy to work with, got some clutch photos during the ceremony, and last but not least was early for an 8 a.m. start.

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